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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS 1

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD 2

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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze 0

Monolith Softs' X 0

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Pokemon X and Y 3

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General Awards

For the Thought

For the users who delve deep into the topic. They bring out the points that matter, and don't sit on the irrelevant ones.

Alter Ego Award

Given to members who have caused trouble in the past and have changed their attitude for the better.

Power to the People

Given to the girls in the gaming community who help bring down the image of the stereotypical gamer, and show that girls are just as good, if not better gamers then guys.

Retro Gamer

Given to those who still play classics.

True Leader Award

For establishing yourself as a leader around the forums that other members look up to, or for being the leader of a highly successful clan.

Life Force

Given to members who make meaningful threads, helping bring the forums alive.

Good Grammar Award

Award given to members who consistently display good grammar on the forums.

Words of Wisdom

Given to those who have been seen shedding light upon the clan through powerful words of wisdom.

Bling Medallion

Awarded to those with trendsetting/cool/innovative avatars.

Protector of the People

Given to the member who intelligently reports harmful posts the most.

The Bowser Award

This award is given to people who just keep on trying to get the hang of something, even if at first they don't do so well.

Competitive Gamer

This award is given to users who are competitive, challenging, and can take a loss and still be a good sport.

Warmest Welcomer

Awarded to those who continually provide a nice, warm welcome to our fellow new members. Overall, they're the warmest welcomer

Helpful Helper

Given to those who often help users and provide solutions.

Sketch Artist

Given to those who break the mold and post hand drawn art.

Marksmen Bulls-Eye

Given to a member who aims for good quality posts.

Paramedic Award

This award is given to members who keep their friends after an argument or disagreement, and strive to keep their friendships, even after a fight.

Great Chat Behaviour

For those who show good behaviour in the Chat Room

Best Topic

Given to users who post or maintain an interesting thread throughout a particular month.

Anti-Fanboy Award

Given to those who have learned to accept all console and handhelds as equal and do not judge.

Virtual Creativity

Awarded to members who show exceptional animation/image editing skills.

The Geek Award

Given to the member most knowledgeable about electronics and isn't afraid to be called a geek.

The Most Creative Idea for an Award Award

Given to the users who come up with the most creative and original idea for awards.

Flawless Logic Award

Awarded to those who show they can win arguments using nothing but cold hard facts.

The Man of the Hour

Given to the members who have become popular in a short amount of time.

Showman Award

Given to the people on Revive who have creative Sigs, Avatars, Users Titles and ways of posting.

Comedian award

This is given to members who make funny posts or anything funny in general.

Coming and Going Award

For those who just keep coming back, because they love this place so much...

Disposable Income

Awarded to members who always seem to have the latest game or system as soon as they come out.

Willful Writer Award

For those in the community try their best to offer interesting news or reviews

The Underdog

Given to members who show exceptional ability at using underused Pokémon.

Gold Sticker

A rare award given out to those who deserve it. Usually given out for assisting staff with a problem.

Cream of the Crop

For those that make an extra effort to be hardworking, friendly members, and are generally a good influence on the clan.

Awards given to those who complete certain events and winners of tournaments


Given to members who achieve certain milestone counts

Red Poster

Given to those who have 1,000+ posts.

Elite Poster

Given to those who have 5,000+ posts.

Gold Poster

Given to those who have 10,000+ posts.

Red Blogger

Given to those with 50+ blogs.

Elite Blogger

Given to those with 100+ blogs.

Gold Blogger

Given to those with 250+ blogs.

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